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Ancient Mediumship
Co-operation Of Medium And Spirits
Immortality Demonstrated Through Mediumship
Mediumistic Sensitivity
Mediumship And Individuality
Mediumship And Religious Belief
Mediumship Not Dangerous
Psychic Attunement
Rational Mediumship
The Cure For Fraudulent Mediumship
The Development Of Mediumship
The Eternal Verities
The Gateway Of Mediumship
The Higher Vibratory Forces
The Home Circle
The Ideals Of Modern Spiritualism
The Mediumistic Character
The Truth Of Personal Survival
Unconscious Mediumship
What Is Mediumship?

Ancient Mediumship

It is, of course, unnecessary to state in detail the fact that
communication with decarnate entities has been known and practiced by
the human race from the earliest days of recorded history, and
probably long before that time, and is far from being a modern
discovery. Moreover, such communication has been known and practiced
by races of human beings other than those inhabiting Europe and
America--particularly in the oriental countries. In the oriental lands
such communication has been well established for many thousand years,
and the most ancient records give evidences of it. The Hebrew
Scriptures contain many instances of such communication, showing that
the same was an accepted fact of the life of the race at the time and
in the places at which these records were written.

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