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Automatic Writing

In this connection it may be stated that many investigators and
experimentors along the lines of telepathic phenomena have met with
considerable success in the direction of Automatic Writing from living
persons, which of course is merely a special form of Telepathy. In some
cases the communications received in this way were at first thought to
be from disembodied entities, until later it was discovered that the
thoughts were actually transmitted (in some cases unintentionally) by
living persons. The late W. T. Stead, the London editor and famous
investigator of psychic phenomena, who was lost on the "Titanic" several
years ago, was remarkably successful along this special line of
telepathic transmission, he being one of the most efficient receivers of
this kind of which those familiar with the subject have any knowledge.
His written records of these experiments are very interesting, and form
a valuable contribution to this subject. In this class of experiments,
the sender concentrates fixedly upon the thought--word for word--and
wills that the recipient write down the word so transmitted; the
receiver sit passively at the time agreed upon, and allows his arm and
hand to be moved by means of the psychic currents beating upon him, and
which are then unconsciously transformed into muscular action--the
process being similar to that of ordinary writing, except that instead
of the activity of the brain of the writer being behind the muscular
motion, that of the sender performs that task.

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