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Automatic Writing Vs Inspirational Writing

Another writer says: "Inspirational or impressional writing is
frequently mistaken for that which is more purely passive or automatic.
The medium or sensitive person experiences a strong impulse to write,
but does not receive any clear or consecutive train of thought. He sets
down one word, and then others follow as fast as he can indicate them,
but he must begin to write before the complete sentence is given to him.
In other cases, the thoughts flow into his consciousness faster than his
pen can record them; but in the truly 'automatic' form of communication
the mind of the sensitive is not consciously affected. He can read and
think about other and entirely different subjects, and need take no more
interest in the work than he would if his hand did not belong to him nor
than if a spirit laid hold of and guided the pencil. Some mediums who
write automatically have to be mentally quiet; they find that if the
mind is preoccupied the hand will not write, although, even in such
cases, it frequently happens that the amanuensis is ignorant of the
communication until he reads it afterwards."

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