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Beware Of Domineering Spirits

A writer has given the following good advice to young mediums, which
such will do well to heed: "Do not always be ready to be controlled, or
to drop into a trance just because you 'feel the influence,' and 'a
spirit wants to say something,' or to oblige injudicious friends who
'wish you would let him come.' Many people are very inconsiderate, and
although they do not SAY so, they THINK (and the sensitive FEELS their
thought) 'I do wish he would go under control and tell me something.'
You should decline to be controlled EXCEPT at the times when you
voluntarily and with set purpose lay yourself open to the influence of
the spirits, in a properly constituted circle, or when you are prepared
for it. If the spirits cause you to do foolish or ridiculous things,
gently but firmly refuse to again submit. Do not be induced to yield by
promise of future greatness and success. Not a few people have had their
vanity tickled and their ambitions aroused by the flattery of crafty and
domineering spirits, and in consequence they have been misled into doing
and saying very absurd and foolish things."

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