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Adjusting The Crystal
Clairvoyance Defined
Clairvoyant Reverie
Classes Of Psychic Pictures
Classification According To General Distinctions
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Crystalline Vision
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The Care Of The Crystal
The Dawn Of Clairvoyance
The Milky Mist
The Phenomena Of Clairvoyance
The Psychic Scent
Time And Space In Crystal Gazing
Time Of Sittings
Trance Conditions
Two Classes Of Visions
Varieties Of Psychometry

Clairvoyant Reverie

A writer on the subject of Clairvoyance says: "The best authorities
instruct their pupils that the state of clairvoyant reverie may be
safely and effectively induced by the practice of mental concentration
alone. They advise positively against artificial methods. All that is
needed is that the consciousness be focused to a single point--become
'one pointed' as the Hindu teachers call it. The intelligent practice of
concentration accomplishes this without the necessity of any artificial
methods of development, or the production of abnormal psychic states.
You easily concentrate your full attention when you witness an
interesting play, or listen to a beautiful rendition of some great
masterpiece of musical composition, or gaze at some miracle of pictured
or sculptured art. In these cases your attention is completely occupied
with the interesting thing before you, so that you have almost
completely shut out the outer world of sound, sight, and thought--but
you are, nevertheless, perfectly wide awake and conscious. The same
thing is true when you read a very interesting book--the world is shut
out from your consciousness, and you are oblivious to the sights and
sounds around you. We frequently witness the sight of two lovers to whom
the outside world is non-existent for the time being, and to whom there
is nothing in the world except themselves. Again, persons often fall
into a 'brown study,' or 'day dream,' in which all consciousness of the
outside world seems to be shut out, yet the person is fully conscious
and wide awake. These mental states are very much akin to that of the
trained clairvoyant, and is the state which should be sought after by
all clairvoyants, whether they are following the methods of Psychometry,
Crystal Gazing, or that of Direct Clairvoyance--for the principle is one
and the same in all of such methods."

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