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Adjusting The Crystal
Clairvoyance Defined
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Classes Of Psychic Pictures
Classification According To General Distinctions
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Determining Time Of Fulfillment
Developing Psychometry
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General Directions For Crystal Gazing
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Other Persons Present
Physical Requirements
Psychic Detective Work
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The Care Of The Crystal
The Dawn Of Clairvoyance
The Milky Mist
The Phenomena Of Clairvoyance
The Psychic Scent
Time And Space In Crystal Gazing
Time Of Sittings
Trance Conditions
Two Classes Of Visions
Varieties Of Psychometry

Classification According To General Distinctions

The classification of Clairvoyant Phenomena according to general
distinctions, proceeds as follows: (1) PRESENT CLAIRVOYANCE, in which
the objects perceived by the clairvoyant are present in Space and Time,
although invisible to normal sight; (2) SPACE CLAIRVOYANCE, in which the
clairvoyant vision includes objects and scenes removed in space from the
immediate normal perception of the clairvoyant; (3) TIME CLAIRVOYANCE,
in which the clairvoyant perceives objects or scenes removed from him in
past time, or future time.

In order that the student may obtain a comprehensive understanding of
the phenomena of Clairvoyance, we have thought it well to give you a
brief, general outline of the particular phenomena fitting into these
several classes, and to give you, also, a general idea of the principal
methods employed to obtain the phenomenal manifestations in question.
We begin by calling your attention to the three general classes of
method employed to obtain the manifestation of clairvoyant phenomena,
namely: Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, and Clairvoyant Psychic States,

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