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Co-operation Of Medium And Spirits

The medium who observes certain simple and plain rules and habits of
conduct will not suffer any loss of strength of character or
individuality from his exercise of his mediumistic power; on the
contrary, an intelligent exercise of the power of mediumship often tends
to develop the intellectual power of the medium. As to the idea that the
medium must be ignorant, we have but to call your attention to the fact
that many of the most efficient mediums are intelligent, and even
brilliant individuals. As a writer has said: "There may be some mediums
who are ignoramuses, but it is doubtful if there will be any great
degree of intelligence or great spiritual illumination presented through
their agency. It is possible that some mediums act foolishly when in
their normal state, for the purpose of accentuating the difference
between their ordinary and supernormal conditions of mental activity;
but there is a more rational, intelligent, and, indeed, a more spiritual
conception of the relations which should exist between mediums and their
spirit guides, which is rapidly finding favor with thoughtful mediums
and spiritualists alike. The proper method of communing with the spirits
of the unseen realm is conducive to good, and not evil, to the medium.
The co-operative association of medium and spirit on the plane of
thought and purpose, emotion and motive, ethics and inspiration, results
in the education and elevation of the medium."

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