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Danger In Indiscriminate Magnetizing

Another point against which the medium should guard himself, is that of
allowing others, indiscriminately, to "magnetize" him to "aid his
development" or to "increase his power." Mediums, particularly while in
the psychic condition, are very sensitive and susceptible to outside
mental influences. And for this reason they should be particularly on
guard against allowing themselves to be "magnetized" or influenced
psychically by persons of whom they know nothing. Otherwise, the medium
not only places himself under subjection to the mentality and
emotionality of strangers and undesirable persons, just as would a
hypnotic subject if he placed himself under the control of such persons.
Moreover, in the case of the medium, there is a danger of his being so
influenced in this way that thereafter he may attract to himself a class
of undesirable spirit influences who would otherwise never have come
into his psychic aura or world. We call attention to the following
advice on this point given by an experienced mediumistic writer:

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