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Forming The Development Circle

The circle should be composed of not less than four persons, and not
more than twelve. It is well to have an equal number of persons of each
sex, if this be possible; if not possible to obtain an equality of the
sexes, the effort should be made to come as near to that equality as is
possible. The members of the circle should seat themselves around a
table, and as nearly as is possible the sexes should be alternated in
this grouping, that is to say, a man should sit next to a woman, and so
on. It will be found well to have the same persons regularly attend the
circles, so far as is possible. Likewise, it will be found advantageous
to always use the same table, and to hold the circle in the same
room--but these things are not absolutely essential, and very good
results may often be obtained by having the members of the circle gather
at the different homes of its respective members. While cheerfulness is
well on the part of the sitters, there should be no indulgence in levity
and joking during the sitting. The room should be comfortably warmed and
lighted in the ordinary way.

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