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Fraudulent Claims Of Identity

We would be lacking in our sense of duty and obligation toward our
readers, however, were we to refrain from calling their attention to the
fact that positive and strict identification of the spirits, in cases
where identity is claimed, is a duty on the part of investigators,
particularly on the part of those who happen to be relatives or friends
of the deceased person whose presence and identity are being claimed by
the controlling spirit who is manifesting the impersonation. As we have
said, elsewhere, we must remember that there are all kinds of decarnate
spirits, just as there are all kinds of incarnate spirits; and that the
nature of a spirit is not greatly changed by passing out of the body.
Just as there are imposters on the earth plane, so are there imposters
on the spirit plane. And, accordingly, caution is to be exercised on
both planes. The following quotations from mediumistic writers will
serve to illustrate this point, and to show that the best mediumistic
authorities themselves insist upon this precaution being taken.

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