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Time Clairvoyance
Viewing Distant Scenes

Future Time Clairvoyance

In what is known technically as Future Time Clairvoyance, we have the
manifestation of the clairvoyant vision in the direction of scenes and
events of the future. In this phase of clairvoyance the seer perceives
the events and scenes of future time just as if they were present before
him at that very moment. This phase of clairvoyance is far rarer and
more uncommon than any of the other phases. In fact, it is so seldom met
with in its perfection that its manifestation is a matter of greatest
interest to those who make a study of the subject. It occasionally
occurs in flashes, and can not be produced at will by the ordinary
clairvoyant. Unfortunately, its very rarity and uncommonness cause it to
be counterfeited and imitated by unprincipled persons.

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