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Antagonistic Elements
Danger In Indiscriminate Magnetizing
Detrimental Magnetic Influence
Differences Among Spirits
Difficulties Overcome
Disturbing Elements
Good Advice To Young Mediums
Gradual Development
Harmonious Conditions
Harmonious Relationship
Home Circle Development
Impersonation Mediumship
Interrupted Communications
Investigate Your Spirits
Mediumistic Auto-suggestion
Mediumistic Stage Fright
Mental Atmosphere Of The Medium
Psychic Sponges
Public Seances
Reasonable Demands Of Spirits
Result Of Bad Sitters
Retarding Factors
Rhythmic Harmony
Self-protection For Mediums
Some Difficulties Of The Spirits
Spirits And The Sense Of Humor
Spirits Are Still Human Beings
Substance And Shadow
The Channel Of Communication
The Discordant Note
The Mediumistic Mind
The Open Mind
The Part Played By The Sitters
The Psychic Telephone System
The Psychic Triangle
The Role Of The Spirits
The True Purpose Of Mediumship
Undue Prolongation Of Seances

Good Advice To Young Mediums

A mediumistic writer gives the following advice on this subject to young
mediums: "Never forget that your nerve-vital energy is used and expended
in the exercise of your mediumship, and that the supply is limited,
hence the necessity for care and moderation. Too frequent, prolonged,
or discordant seances; inharmonious conditions and sittings, when you
are already jaded and exhausted, are therefore to be avoided. If you
make excessive demands upon your energies, nervous prostrations and
derangements are an almost inevitable consequence. It is not the use of
mediumship, but its abuse that is dangerous--perversion and excess are
as injurious in this direction as they are in others, whereas temperate
and healthful exercises are strengthening and exhilarating. If you feel
'run down,' decline to act. If you feel that the circle is inharmonious,
or that the sitters are depleted and exacting, refuse to sit. If you
feel that you are tired, and feel weary and debilitated on the day
following your seances, you may be sure that you are sitting too long,
or that you require the help of a larger circle of congenial friends to
supply the requisite psychic force for your further development."

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