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Antagonistic Elements
Danger In Indiscriminate Magnetizing
Detrimental Magnetic Influence
Differences Among Spirits
Difficulties Overcome
Disturbing Elements
Good Advice To Young Mediums
Gradual Development
Harmonious Conditions
Harmonious Relationship
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Mediumistic Auto-suggestion
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Mental Atmosphere Of The Medium
Psychic Sponges
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Reasonable Demands Of Spirits
Result Of Bad Sitters
Retarding Factors
Rhythmic Harmony
Self-protection For Mediums
Some Difficulties Of The Spirits
Spirits And The Sense Of Humor
Spirits Are Still Human Beings
Substance And Shadow
The Channel Of Communication
The Discordant Note
The Mediumistic Mind
The Open Mind
The Part Played By The Sitters
The Psychic Telephone System
The Psychic Triangle
The Role Of The Spirits
The True Purpose Of Mediumship
Undue Prolongation Of Seances

Harmonious Relationship

The sitters composing the circle should always remember that mutual
harmony is a most important factor contributing to the success of the
manifestations sought to be secured. Accordingly, each sitter should
strive to bring himself or herself into a sympathetic and harmonious
relationship with each and every other sitter, so far as is possible. To
accomplish this result the sitters should endeavor, so far as is
possible, to lay aside their respective prejudices, jealousies, and
differences of opinion. These incidents of their personality should be
left, together with their hats and outer wraps, in the outer hall of the
house in which the seance is held. Differences of religion, politics,
race and creed, all should be cast aside at least temporarily, in order
that the greatest amount of harmony should be manifested by the group. A
safe rule to follow is this: seek to find the largest number of points
of mutual agreement, and to set aside all the rest of the items of
personal tastes, customs and habits of feeling and thought. Dwell
together on the plane of common agreement, shutting out the planes of
respective disagreements. In this connection we should state that the
customary attitude of cold reserve, blended and colored by suspicion,
which too often is found between comparative strangers, is far from
being helpful in producing the best conditions for the seance. For the
time being, at least, the sitters should try to remember that they are
all members of one great human family, and united by the bonds of common
origin and nature.

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