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How Experiments Are Conducted

The scientific experiments involving Telepathy, which have been
conducted by numerous societies for psychical research and other bodies,
have ranged from quite simple tests to those very complex. In all of
these experiments there has been one person called the "sender," and
another called the "receiver"--or names corresponding to these. The
sender fixes in his mind a strong impression of the name or picture to
be transmitted, and then makes a positive effort of the will to transmit
the same to the receiver. The receiver assumes a passive receptive
mental attitude, and then reports the word or image that comes into his
mind. The more complex tests embody these same simple features.

Some of the early reports of the Society for Psychical Research, of
London, England, show results most amazing to those who have not made a
personal investigation of these matters. In some of the tests, the
receiver correctly reported seventeen cards in succession, the said
cards having been shown the sender, but kept out of sight of the
receiver, and no possible communication between the two being allowed.
In tests of naming small objects held by the sender, the receiver
correctly named five out of six. In one complicated test, in which
various objects, names, etc., were transmitted, the report shows a
successful report of 202 out of a possible 382. Such results, of course,
took the results entirely out of the operation of the law of averages.
Other successful experiments showed a high percentage of results
obtained from the reproduction by the sender of geometrical and other
figures and designs exhibited to the sender.

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