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How To Use The Planchette

If the sitter is mediumistic the Planchette will begin to move about
slowly at first, gradually gathering force and definite direction. After
a few preliminary strokes, circles, or lines having been drawn, the
Planchette will seem to have been firmly taken hold of by some spirit
hand, and will begin to write words and sentences in a more or less
'scrawly' fashion. When the writing once begins, questions may be asked
of and answered by the spirits. Some persons report that to them the
Planchette seems to move by itself, pulling their hands with it; but
others report that they feel the movement of their arms and hands, as
the spirit propels the machine in the work of waiting. Some know what is
being written during the process, while others do not know what has been
written until they afterwards read it. Sometimes the writing begins Boon
after the sitting is commenced, while in other cases the sitters have to
wait a long time, or even to sit several times before the writing
actually begins. Sometimes the Planchette will refuse to write for
certain persons, but will write freely for others. The general advice is
to exercise patience in the Planchette sittings, and not to expect to
get the best results at once; and, particularly, not to begin asking
questions immediately after the writing begins.

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