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Identifying Property

"She referred to a number of incidents known only to her and ourselves.
She asked for an album in which she had written the dedication, pointing
this out, and also various pieces of poetry she had written in it. She
asked for a hymn-book, and desired us to sing what had been her favorite
hymn, which at my request she instantly found. She next asked for a
Bible, and asked me to read her favorite Psalm. I requested her to find
it, although I knew well which it was. She turned to it instantly, and I
read: 'The Lord is my shepherd,' etc. When the Psalm was finished, the
medium stood transfigured before us; her countenance was radiant, and
her eyes bright with a heavenly light. Turning to my wife, she said:
'Sister, dear, by inviting strangers to your house tonight you have
entertained angels unawares!' After the meeting, the medium remarked:
'When under control I was strongly influenced to look around for a
picture, but could not find it. I do not know what it meant, but the
control was anxious to find a picture.' My wife replied: 'My sister
painted a picture of the Saviour bearing His cross, many years ago, and
it now hangs in our dining room.' The above incidents, combined with her
mannerisms, and bearing in mind that the medium was an entire stranger
to us, and uneducated, were sufficient evidence of the presence and
influence of her deceased sister to cause my wife to exclaim, 'OF A

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