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Impersonating Mediumship

What is known as "impersonating mediumship" occurs where the medium is
so completely under the control of the manifesting spirit that he will
exhibit, often in a marvelously accurate manner, the personal
characteristics and mannerisms of the spirit, and which are readily
recognized as such by the spirit's surviving friends in earth-life.
Sometimes the medium will actually re-enact the dying moments of the
controlling spirit. In many cases such impersonations have been so
nearly photographically and phonographically correct that they have
afforded the most convincing proof to investigators, and in other cases
have been a great consolation to relatives of the spirit who have been
thus assured that their loved one was still in actual existence on a
higher plane of being. These results, however, are possible only when a
very close rapport condition has been established between the spirit and
the medium. In cases in which such a close rapport condition is
obtained, and a high degree of harmony developed, the spirit will be
able to positively establish his identity by causing the medium to utter
his exact words, and to give names, dates, and close details of
incidents occurring in his earth life, and often to employ his exact set
phrases and verbal tricks of speech, so as to bring to the consciousness
of the sitters the realization that they are in the actual presence of
the decarnate spirit friend.

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