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Undue Prolongation Of Seances

Interrupted Communications

It should not be forgotten, in this connection, that the spirits have
their own difficulties to contend with. In the current slang phrase,
they "have troubles of their own" to overcome in the production of
mediumistic phenomena. Not only does the spirit wishing to communicate
have to draw sufficient psychic power from the medium and the sitters,
not only has he to scientifically adjust the apparatus at the sending
end of the psychic telephonic line, but he has also to be sure that he
is actually communicating the message so that it may be received by the
sitters. In such cases the spirit is placed in a position similar to
that of a person at one end of a telephone line, who after had an answer
to his opening "Hello!" talks away, thinking that the person at the
other end is hearing every word he utters, perfectly unconscious that
the communication has been interrupted from some cause or other common
to telephone lines. How often do we, in our telephone conversations,
interrupt our flow of talk to anxiously inquire, "Are you still there?"
or "Do you hear me?"

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