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Is Mediumship Desirable?

While it is true that a vast majority of persons possess the mediumistic
power, latent and dormant, and capable of being developed to a greater
or less active power, it is but honest to say that in many cases it is a
grave question whether the person would be justified in undertaking the
hard work, and long time, required to develop himself for the minor
success which would attend his efforts. As a writer has said: "Does the
prospective result justify the labor involved to bring these powers into
efflorescence? My impression is, that in at least three cases out of
four, the time and labor it would take to develop this latent quality to
its greatest efficacy would be far in excess of its value when so
developed." But, as we have already said, the best indication is found
in the "call" to develop his or her latent powers which the true medium
always experiences.

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