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Adjusting The Crystal
Clairvoyance Defined
Clairvoyant Reverie
Classes Of Psychic Pictures
Classification According To General Distinctions
Crystal Gazing Etc
Crystalline Vision
Crystals And Bright Objects
Determining Time Of Fulfillment
Developing Psychometry
Direct Clairvoyance
Distant En Rapport
General Directions For Crystal Gazing
How To Psychometrize
How To Use The Crystal
Magnetic Affinity
Other Persons Present
Physical Requirements
Psychic Detective Work
Psychic Sensitiveness
Psychic Underground Exploration
Psychometric Getting In Touch
Psychometric Readings
Selection Of Place Etc
The Care Of The Crystal
The Dawn Of Clairvoyance
The Milky Mist
The Phenomena Of Clairvoyance
The Psychic Scent
Time And Space In Crystal Gazing
Time Of Sittings
Trance Conditions
Two Classes Of Visions
Varieties Of Psychometry

Magnetic Affinity

A somewhat celebrated investigator of psychic and occult phenomena has
said concerning this phases of Clairvoyance: "The untrained clairvoyant
usually cannot find any particular astral picture when it is wanted,
without some special link to put him en rapport with the subject
required. Psychometry is an instance in point. It seems as though there
were a sort of magnetic attachment or affinity between any particle of
matter and the record which contains its history--an affinity which
enables it to act as a kind of conductor between that record and the
faculties of anyone who can read it. For instance, I once brought from
Stonehenge a tiny fragment of stone, not larger than a pin's head, and
on putting this into an envelope and handing it to a psychometrist who
had no idea what it was, she at once began to describe that wonderful
ruin and the desolate country surrounding it, and then went on to
picture vividly what were evidently scenes from its early history,
showing that the infinitesimal fragment had been sufficient to put her
into communication with the records connected with the spot from which
it came. The scenes through which we pass in the course of our life seem
to act in the same way upon the cells of our brain as did the history of
Stonehenge upon that particle of stone. They establish a connection with
those cells by means of which our mind is put en rapport with that
particular portion of the records, and so we 'remember' what we have

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