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Mediumistic Flashes

A writer has the following to say concerning this class of mediumistic
persons: "Those persons who are naturally sensitive sometimes
experience strange and sudden impulses. Thoughts come to them 'in a
flash,' so to speak. They say things spontaneously which they had not
intended to say--the words seem to burst from them and 'say themselves.'
Others have equally sudden and fugitive clairvoyant experiences; they
see spirits where they least expect, and when they are absorbed in
something else; but when they strongly desire to 'see' or to receive
guidance, they get nothing. This state of affairs, in all probability,
is due to the fact that their susceptibility is not sufficiently
developed; their psychical impressibility can only be reached and acted
upon under specially favorable conditions, which are disturbed and
dissipated when the ordinary intellectual self is aroused.

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