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Mediumistic Stage Fright

In the same way the placid reflecting surface of the mediumistic mind
may become disturbed by the presence of fear, doubt, and distrust in the
mind of the medium. It may at first seem strange that the medium should
doubt the manifestations being made through his mentality, provided that
he be honest and genuine. But the answer and explanation is very simple.
The medium (particularly the young medium) may become panic-stricken by
the thought that "perhaps this is merely the result of my own
imagination or fancy, instead of spirit power," and the result will be
that he will begin to halt and stumble, stammer and stutter, instead of
allowing the message to flow through him uninterrupted. This is
particularly true when the message is of the nature of a test of
identity, and where the vocal organs of the medium are being employed in
the manifestation. It occurs far more frequently than the public
suppose, that the medium is stricken by stage-fright or the panic of
fear, arising from the causes above given, i.e. the sudden fear that he
is allowing his fanciful imagination to run away with him instead of his
being under genuine control.

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