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Mediumship And Genius

The spirits controlling the hand of a celebrated writing medium, once
delivered through him the following message regarding the nature and
development of mediumistic powers: "Mediumship is a development of that
which is, in another sort, genius. Genius, the opened and attentive ear
to spirit guidance and inspiration, shades away into mediumship, the
facile instrument of spirit manifestation. In proportion as the medium
becomes open to influence, directly exercised, is he valuable as a means
whereby direct messages are conveyed. And in proportion as the
individual spirit is lost and merged in the great ocean of spirit, is
the result most direct and serviceable. It is when the passive spirit is
content to allow us to use the corporeal instrument, as it does when
itself operates, that we gain satisfactory results. That can only be
when a condition of perfect passivity, as far removed from scepticism as
from credulity, has been secured. This opening of the spiritual being to
spiritual influences is what you call mediumship. The true and valuable
gifts are purely spiritual and must be used for spiritual purposes; not
for gain, or for satisfying curiosity, or for base or unworthy ends."

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