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Mediumship And Individuality

The student will find it desirable to acquaint himself with the best
opinions concerning the possible or probable effects of the practice of
mediumistic powers upon the medium himself. There is evidenced a
disposition in certain quarters to hold to the idea that mediumship, or
control by spirits, is more or less injurious, mentally or physically or
both, to the medium. It is also frequently asserted that the medium
tends to lose his individuality and personal strength of character.
Again, there are some who would teach that the medium should be of a low
order of intelligence, and should beware of exercising his intellect,
the idea seeming to be that under these conditions the mental path will
be freer and clearer for the spirit control. All of the aforesaid
notions are erroneous, as will appear as we progress in the statements
in this book concerning true and efficient mediumship.

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