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Mediumship Beneficial

A second writer says: "There is no reason why the reactive consequences
of frequent control by enlightened and earnest spirits, even in the case
of the 'trance' medium, should not prove extremely beneficial to the
sensitive, and this, we believe, has been the case with many of the
speakers in the spiritualistic movement. Where the medium is
inspirational and ready to respond to the thought impulsations of the
control, it stands to reason that the transmitted ideas, and the
stimulation of the thought-faculties caused by the transference and
expression of the spirits' opinions, will not be lost to the medium. 'If
you will take one step we can more easily help you to take a second than
we could compel you to take the first if you were unprepared,' said a
spirit teacher to Mrs. Emma Hardinge Britten, and there need be no loss
of dignity or individuality, no injury to body or mind, but a gain of
strength and spiritual vigor, education of mind and stimulation of moral
purpose, by intelligent co-operation and temporary surrender on the
part of the medium to wise and loving spirit helpers and teachers."

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