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Mental Attunement

It should not fail to be noticed, moreover, that we habitually receive
and accept more readily those thought vibrations which are in harmony
with our own average habitual mental states; and, according to the same
general principle, we tend to habitually reject and fail to receive
those vibrations which are INHARMONIOUS to us for the same reason. Here,
you will notice, we have an illustration of the principle of
"attunement" which, as we have informed you, is operative on the plane
of thought and mental vibrations as well as on that of wireless
telegraphy. Just as it is a psychological fact that we tend to see and
to hear those things which are in harmony with our beliefs and opinions,
and our interest, so is it a metaphysical fact that we tend to accept
and absorb the mental vibrations which are in harmony with our opinions,
beliefs, and interest, and to reject those which are opposed thereto.

Moreover, the person who acquaints himself with the law of mental
vibrations and thought-transference acquires a practical knowledge which
enables him to render himself immune to objectionable and undesirable
mental currents or thought-waves. We are not necessarily open to the
influence of every stray current of thought or feeling that happens to
be in our immediate vicinity. Instead, by the proper methods,
consciously or unconsciously practiced and manifested, we may, and often
do, insulate ourselves so that these undesirable mental influences fail
utterly to affect us; and, likewise, we may actually attract to
ourselves the desirable mental currents. These principles and methods
will be given later in this part of this book; they are mentioned here
merely to acquaint you with the fact that they are existent and known to
those familiar with this subject.

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