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Mind Reading

Perhaps the best plan for the beginner is to practice the popular "mind
reading" experiment or game, which is quite popular in some localities,
and among persons interested in this line of thought. The experiments of
this kind are performed, generally, about as follows: The receiver
leaves the room, and during his or her absence the company in the room
select some object, large or small, such as a chair or a small penknife,
etc., and the same is shown and named to the sender. Then the receiver
is called back into the room for the experiment, and is blindfolded
securely. Then the receiver takes the right hand of the sender and
places it in his (the receiver's) left hand, holding it firmly there.
The sender then concentrates his mind upon the object to be "found," and
mentally wills that the receiver move toward it. The receiver then
experiences a peculiar faint impulse in the direction of the object, and
accordingly moves toward it. After considerable practice, the receiver
acquires the faculty of not only finding large objects, but also is able
to locate small objects, such as concealed rings, pins, etc.

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