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Persistent Watchful Waiting

Some persons are so disappointed because they have not obtained results
after two or three sittings that they give up further efforts. It would
perhaps amaze such persons to know that many of the world's most
celebrated mediums have, in the beginning of their development circle
work, sat for several weeks, or even several months, at frequent
intervals, without obtaining more than the most meagre results; but they
afterwards developed the most marvelous power. An extreme case is cited
in the history of spiritualism, in which a couple sat night after night
for six months, without missing a sitting and without being rewarded by
a single physical result; but after this tedious and discouraging wait,
all at once, as it were, the spirits secured the most perfect kind of
communication through them, and difficult table tippings and levitation,
convincing raps, messages, writings, and finally materializations
follows, until their fame spread all over the world of spiritualism.

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