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Premature Tests

Regarding the matter of premature tests, or unreasonable demands, the
same writer further says: "Remember that the first requisite is to
establish the channel of communication; and all personal questions as to
who and what the spirit is should be reserved until the initial
difficulties are overcome. It is at first most probable that the spirit
operators will not be fully aware just what effect they are producing,
and the mind of the medium may not as yet be sufficiently passive, in
fact it may be in a sort of state of protest against being acted upon in
this particular way; accordingly, it is extremely unwise to attempt to
obtain responses to test questions or to secure evidences of the
identity of the spirit under these imperfect conditions. Many mediums
and inquirers have been deterred from further development or
investigation because such questions have been prematurely put and the
answers pressed for, with the result that confusing and contradictory
responses were given, and the conclusion was hastily drawn that it was
all fraud, delusion, of the devil."

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