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Psychic Attunement

The entity, or spirit, dwelling on one of the many higher planes of
being who wishes to communicate with persons on earth through a medium,
must first select some person capable of raising his or her own
vibratory rate of consciousness to become "in tune" with that of the
spirit himself. Then he must learn to project his own mental vibrations
with sufficient intensity and force to be "caught" by the sensitive
perceptive organism of the medium. These things are beyond the
understanding and accomplishment of many decarnate spirits, and unless
they are taught by some one on their own plane of existence they are
likely to fail in their attempts to communicate through a medium on the
earth-plane. But at the present time, in view of the great interest
being manifested "over there" in the communication with the earth-plane,
an earnest, persevering spirit will usually have comparatively little
difficulty in finding a proper instructor, and in acquiring the art of
"earth-plane communication," as it is called on the spirit plane.

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