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Questioning The Spirits

After a satisfactory arrangement of the sitters is obtained, and the
table tiltings or rappings have assumed a clear, definite character,
then the sitters may proceed to ascertain the identity of the spirit
seeking to communicate to the circle; or else to ascertain whether the
spirit wishes to deliver a message directed specially to some particular
one of the sitters. In the latter case, the person indicated should
prepare to question the spirit direct, either verbally or else silently
and mentally. In either case the question should be stated clearly and
to the point, so that the spirit may give a simple definite answer.
Questions which may be answered by a simple "Yes" or "No" are of course
preferable. If the spirit agrees to move the table, or else produce
raps, as the alphabet is called over letter by letter, the communication
and answers may of course be given in much fuller detail. In such case
the spirit may be called on to spell out its name, and to designate its
relationship to any of the sitters; or even to spell out a complete
message. In addressing the spirit one should pursue the same general
course employed in addressing questions to a friend in the flesh; and
care should be taken to address the spirit politely and in a kindly
tone. Some spirits are very sensitive concerning these details, and will
resent any impoliteness or discourtesy, or flippancy from strangers.

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