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Absolute Time
Analogies On The Physical Plane
Degrees Of Clairvoyant Vision
Future Time Clairvoyance
Involuntary Clairvoyance
Methods Of Development
Microscopic Vision
Other Historical Instances
Past Time Clairvoyance
Present Clairvoyance
Reading The Light Waves
Seeing What Has Not Yet Happened
Sensing The Higher Vibrations
Simple Prevision
Space Clairvoyance
The Akashic Plane
The Akashic Records
The Auric Colors
The Beginning Of The Prophecy
The Dinner Of The Elect
The Eternal Now
The Fall Of The Great
The Fate Of Royalty
The Fulfillment Of The Prophecy
The Human Aura
The Illuminatus
The Memory Of Nature
The Mystery Of Seeing The Past
The Nature Of Time
The Occult Hypothesis
The Oriental Teaching
The Prana Aura
The Prophecy Of Cazotte
The Psychic Telescope
The Shadow Of The Guillotine
The X-ray Sense
Thought Forms
Thousand-year-old Light
Time Clairvoyance
Viewing Distant Scenes


In the theory of vibratory forces, as set forth in the earlier chapters
of this book, we have the only scientific explanation of the phenomena
of distant clairvoyance. Modern science, in its teachings regarding the
radio-activity of physical objects, has thrown much additional light on
this subject, and has corroborated the ancient occult teachings on the
subject. These rays of higher vibratory power are like the rays of light
or heat, although of a much higher rate of intensity and vibratory
motion, and though the most delicate scientific instruments are able to
register some of these, it is still practically admitted by science that
the highest of these radio-active vibrations are beyond the scope and
field of even the most sensitive instrument yet known to science. This
is saying much when we remember that some of the delicate instruments of
science are so sensitive that they are able to register the heat waves
of a candle at the distance of one mile; while others are able to record
the presence of certain chemical elements in the most distant of the
visible stars, by means of the light waves carrying certain forms of

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