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Recalling Past Incidents

"After looking around the room very deliberately at various objects,
then at one person after another, and fixing her eyes on my wife, she
ran across the room, and throwing her arms around my wife's neck, she
kissed her most affectionately, addressing her as 'My dear sister.'
After speaking with my wife in endearing terms, she came across the room
to me, and placing her right hand on my shoulder, said: 'Well, my dear
brother.' (This was exactly as a deceased sister of my wife had been in
the habit of doing.) 'How unspeakingly glad I am for such a privilege as
this! When we used to sit by the hearth at night, conversing on various
topics that used to interest us so much, we little expected we should
ever have such a privilege. You know we used to sit up at night
discussing theological questions till the embers in the grate died out,
and sometimes a chiding voice from upstairs cried out: "Alfred, Alfred,
do come to bed. Do you know what time it is? You know Charlotte is not
fit to sit up so late."' This was precisely what had taken place, the
exact words being used.

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