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Repelling Adverse Influences

This writer continues: "Not only in the case of personal influence in
the actual presence of the other person may be defeated in this way, but
the same method will act equally well in the matter of repelling the
mental influence of others directed against you in the form of 'absent
treatments,' etc. If you feel yourself inclining toward doing something
which in your heart you feel is not to your best interests, judged from
a true viewpoint, you may know that, consciously or unconsciously,
someone is seeking in influence you in this way. Then smile to yourself,
and make the statements mentioned above, or some similar one, and
holding the power of the Spirit within your soul, send forth a mental
command just as you would in case the person were actually before you in
person. You may also deny out of existence the influencing power, by
asserting mentally: 'I DENY your power to influence me; you have no such
power over me; I am resting securely upon the Spirit within me; I deny
out of existence any power over me asserted by you.' After repelling
these absent influences you will at once experience a feeling of relief
and strength, and will be able to smile at the thought of any such
adverse influence affecting you in the slightest."

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