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Antagonistic Elements
Danger In Indiscriminate Magnetizing
Detrimental Magnetic Influence
Differences Among Spirits
Difficulties Overcome
Disturbing Elements
Good Advice To Young Mediums
Gradual Development
Harmonious Conditions
Harmonious Relationship
Home Circle Development
Impersonation Mediumship
Interrupted Communications
Investigate Your Spirits
Mediumistic Auto-suggestion
Mediumistic Stage Fright
Mental Atmosphere Of The Medium
Psychic Sponges
Public Seances
Reasonable Demands Of Spirits
Result Of Bad Sitters
Retarding Factors
Rhythmic Harmony
Self-protection For Mediums
Some Difficulties Of The Spirits
Spirits And The Sense Of Humor
Spirits Are Still Human Beings
Substance And Shadow
The Channel Of Communication
The Discordant Note
The Mediumistic Mind
The Open Mind
The Part Played By The Sitters
The Psychic Telephone System
The Psychic Triangle
The Role Of The Spirits
The True Purpose Of Mediumship
Undue Prolongation Of Seances

Result Of Bad Sitters

And Wallis has said: "Although the spirits may be intensely anxious to
demonstrate their power, they are sometimes repelled from those whom
they seek to approach by the bristling and discordant conditions of
mind that prevail among the sitters, who disperse with a feeling of
dissatisfaction and disappointment. If the sitters only knew it, the
so-called failure was directly traceable to the destructive
thought-atmosphere with which they surround themselves and the medium.
Too frequently they do not prepare themselves for 'the hour's
communion with the dead,' and their mental attitude is anything but
conductive to success. They do not put away the thronging thoughts,
anxieties, and worries of their busy lives, but carry them right into
the seance chamber, yet expect good spiritual results. Both sitter and
medium may very easily destroy the indispensable conditions of
spirit-manifestation, and the medium's honesty, not his want of
growth, or of knowledge, is called in question by the investigator who
knows, and perhaps cares, nothing for the occult laws he has violated,
not obeyed."

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