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Retarding Factors

It should be almost unnecessary to state that haste, hurry and
impatience are retarding factors in a spiritualistic seance; but, alas,
too many persons seem to be totally unaware of this important fact. We
call your attention to the following remarks concerning this point, the
same having been made by a writer on the subject who himself is a medium
of extended experience. He says: "Impatience and anxiety are
disintegrating mental conditions. People who are all the time looking at
their watches and thinking, 'Oh! I wish they would hurry up.' 'Oh! do be
quick, don't keep us here all night, we shall surely miss our train,'
etc., are disturbers of the peace, and break the conditions which
require harmony and repose. 'We have found out that we cannot hurry
them,' said a lady who had enjoyed much experience in circles; and
consequently, when you are sitting for different phenomena, you need to
have plenty of time and be prepared to sit good humoredly for hours, if
need be, to see it through; and then results are likely to speedily
ensue; whereas the more you try to hurry, the more anxious you become,
the less likelihood is there that you will secure results at all. You
can surely realize that hurry, impatience, anxiety, intense expectancy,
fear and suspicion must of necessity disturb the conditions and prove
inimical to the efforts of the spirit operators to present clear and
convincing demonstrations of their power and identity."

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