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Undue Prolongation Of Seances

Rhythmic Harmony

The manifestation of rhythmic harmony often materially aids in the
generation of psychic power, and the consequent production of
advantageous conditions at the circle. Many circles are opened by having
the several sitters indulge in harmonious rhythmic breathing for a few
minutes--all breathing in unison--in order to produce this condition of
rhythm. Those who have never practiced this unison of rhythmic breathing
will be surprised at the consciousness of psychical harmony which may be
produced in this way among a number of persons gathered together in a
circle. This principle of RHYTHM is what is really involved in the call
of many spirits for singing at the beginning of a seance. In singing
there is a certain unison and rhythm unconsciously observed, and it is
this rather than the air or words of the songs which produces the desire
conditions. A writer states that upon one occasion a manifesting spirit
said: "It isn't NOISE that I want; it's HARMONY! If you cannot sing, you
can at least count out loud, and count altogether--THAT may give us the
right vibrations." That spirit had the right idea, and one which it
would be well for all sitters to remember and put into effect. Vibration
is the secret of all things, and rhythm is the measure and spirit of all
vibrations; therefore, the very HARMONY of a circle may be said to be
rhythmic. There is a great truth involved in these statements, and you
will do well to ponder over them.

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