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The following quotations from writers on this special subject contain
detailed directions for the use of those who may have reason to believe
that some other person or persons are trying to use psychic force, or
mental currents, upon them for selfish purposes, or otherwise. Of course
the general mental attitude of disbelief, and assertion of one's one
immunity is sufficient for the purposes of general psychic protection;
but we have thought it proper to include the following special
directions given by those who have made a close study of this subject.

One writer says: "When you come in contact with people who are seeking
to influence you by psychic methods, either direct or indirect, you will
find yourself able to defy their mental attacks by simply remembering
the strength immanent in your Ego, or Spirit, aided by the statement or
affirmation (made silently to yourself) 'I am an Immortal Spirit, using
the power of my Ego, which renders me immune from all base psychic
attacks or power.' With this mental attitude you may make powerful even
the slightest mental effort in the direction of sending forth your own
mental vibrations, and these will scatter the adverse influences in all
directions; it will often be found that the other person will show signs
of confusion in such a case, and will seek to get away from your
presence. With this consciousness held in mind, your mental command to
another, 'Let me alone--I cast off your influence by the power of my
Spirit,' will operate so strongly that you will often actually see the
effect at once. If the other person be stubborn, and determined to
influence you by words of suggestion, coaxing, threatening, or similar
methods, look him or her straight in the eye, saying mentally: 'I defy
you--my inner power casts off your influence.' Try this the next time
that any one attempts to influence you either verbally or by means of
thought-waves, and see how strong and positive you will feel, and how
the efforts of the other person will fail. This sounds simple, but the
little secret is worth thousands of dollars to every individual who will
put it into practice."

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