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Absolute Time
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The Shadow Of The Guillotine
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Thousand-year-old Light
Time Clairvoyance
Viewing Distant Scenes

Simple Prevision

There is a phase of prevision, or prophecy of coming events, however,
that is not true clairvoyance at all, but simply the subconscious
workings of the mind along the lines of a supernormal perception of the
laws of cause and effect. Give the active subconscious mental faculties
the perception of a strong existing cause, and it will often reason out
the probable effect (the almost certain effect, in fact) of that cause,
even though that effect lies in the mist of the future. The subconscious
mind works upon the principle that "coming events cast their shadows
before." But this, at the best, is not true clairvoyance--it is merely
the statement of "probable" results, and effects of existing causes,
wonderfully exact and clear though the deduction may be in some cases.
But a thousand-and-one unforeseen things may arise to completely upset
the prediction, or deduction, for it is never actually true until it
occurs. We must look further for real instances of Future Clairvoyance.

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