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Spirit Playing On Musical Instruments Etc

The spirit forces also sometimes will see fit to play upon musical
instruments placed in the cabinet with the medium, the guitar, mandolin,
concertina, accordion, etc., being the instruments preferred in such
cases. Of course the sceptics will claim that the medium may play the
instruments himself or herself, and thus give ground for the claim of
fraud; consequently in the case of public seances, and many private
ones as well, the medium will insist upon having his or her hands tied,
and other precautions taken to eliminate the possibility of fraud and
deception. Such precautions are in no way a reflection upon the medium,
and are, in fact, demanded by many mediums as a matter of self-respect,
self-protection, and the cause of truth. In many cases in which the
mediums were entirely lacking in musical education, knowledge, or
training, the spirits have performed skilled selections of music upon
the instruments in the cabinet.

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