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Discovery Of New Worlds
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Supernormal Not Abnormal
Supernormal Not Supernatural
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The Higher Planes Of Nature
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The Higher Vibrations
The Naturalness Of The Occult Powers
The Prevailing Ignorance
The Raw Material Of Thought
The World Of Sensation
The World Of Vibrations
Transcendental Senses
Unfoldment Of New Senses
Unseen Worlds
We Sense Only Vibratory Motion

Supernormal Not Abnormal

The above important statement concerning the distinction between the
"abnormal" and "supernormal" is not made merely for the purpose of
academic differentiation and classification. On the other hand, it is
made because there is a most pernicious tendency on the part of the
ignorant and unthinking portions of the public to regard and to classify
certain high phases of occult and psychic manifestation of power as
"abnormal," hence BELOW the standard; whereas, properly speaking, such
manifestations of power are far ABOVE THE STANDARD, and, hence, clearly
entitled to the term "supernormal."

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