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Symptoms Of Trance Condition

"If you are likely to become a trance-speaking medium, you will probably
experience a sensation as a falling or dizziness, as if you were going
to faint; this may continue until you become entirely unconscious on the
external plane, and you will know no more until you regain your normal
condition, although, while under the influence of the operator, you may
have been speaking more or less coherently. He may not, at first, be
able to convey the exact impression he wishes to produce. His
'suggestion' is not strong enough to set your involuntary nerves
vibrating in just the way he desires; consequently his thought is not
transferred to you in a manner which insures faithful reproduction, and
you should not be disappointed because of such imperfect results at the
outset. If your mind is filled with the desire to succeed, you will
become too self-conscious, and will thus destroy the very condition upon
which success depends."

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