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Table Tippings

Sometimes, however, in place of the raps being manifested by the spirit
forces, there will instead be manifested that peculiar tipping of the
table which was the distinguishing characteristic of early
spiritualistic phenomena in the western countries. In this case the
tipping of the table will proceed just as in the case of the raps, so
far as the transmission of messages is concerned. That is to say, the
table will tilt three times, one time, etc., in accordance with the
code, just as in the case of communication by means of the raps. In
addition to this, however, the table may begin to manifest strange
motions; it may begin to raise itself, jump around, spin around on one
leg, slide across the rooms, etc. In such cases the hands of the sitters
should be kept on the table, or if they slip off they should be at once
replaced thereupon. Sometimes heavy tables will manifest more activity
than the lighter ones.

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