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The Akashic Plane

But this, however, is but an illustration of the correspondence on the
ordinary physical plane of certain things on a higher plane of Nature.
Past Time Clairvoyance is not dependent upon light-waves, or any other
of the lesser phases of vibratory activity. Instead, it depends entirely
upon the phenomena and facts of a higher plane of Nature--a plane which
occultists have called the Akashic Plane. Some occultists prefer the
general term, "the Astral Plane," but the former term is a closer and
more definite one. The Akashic Plane, as known to occultists, contains
the impressions or "records" of all events that have happened on the
earth plane during the present cycle of earth manifestation. The very
subtle and tenuous substance of the Akashic Plane--the term "etheric"
may best describe the nature of this substance--contains traces and
impressions of all the happenings of the past of this earth; and such
impressions may be read and seen by the clairvoyant who has developed
sufficiently high powers of vision. These Akashic Records have well been
called "the substantial memory of the earth." Upon the subtle etheric
substance of the Akashic Plane are registered the records of every
event, thing, object, happening, or activity of the earth which has
existed or been manifested from the very beginning of the present cycle
of the earth's existence. These records will, it is claimed, persist
until the final ending of the present earth cycle.

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