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Who Are Mediumistic?

The Aspirational Attitude

To those who purpose to develop their latent mediumistic powers by and
through the development circle, we would say that it is of the highest
importance that they should cultivate a trustful, hopeful mental
attitude, and a willingness to open themselves to the inflow of the
spiritual power of their friends of the spiritual planes. As a writer
has said, they should "make some mental preparation, such as eliminating
from their minds all disturbing or irritating thoughts, and by striving
to consciously realize union of purpose with those who may have
previously made their presence known or indicated their intention to
help in the work of the development of their mediumistic powers, by
mentally requesting that the spiritual ties may be strengthened. Even
where there has not been any clear indication of the presence of spirit
helpers, a generally aspirational and receptive attitude of mind will do
much towards providing favorable conditions."

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