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Mental Vibrations and Transmissions

A General Principle
A Great Scientist's Theory
A Living Dynamic Focus
A Peculiar Organ
An Appeal To Reason
Chitta Or Mind Substance
Dynamic Correlate Of Thought
Example Of Electric Light
Example Of Light Waves
Example Of Wireless Telegraphy
Human Electro-magnetism
Human Etheric Force
In Tune With Higher Planes
The Brain-battery
The Higher Forces
The Human Wireless Telegraph Instrument
The Pineal Gland
The World Of Vibrations
Transformation Of Mental Vibrations
Transformation Of Vibrations
Transmission Of Thought
Uncharted Seas Of Vibration
Vibrational Attunement
What Modern Science Says
A Nswer To Skeptical Critics

The Brain-battery

The same writer says: "All states of body and mind involve constant
molecular and chemical change. The suggestion arises that the brain,
with its millions of cells and its inconceivable changes in substance,
may be regarded as a transmitting and receiving battery. The brain being
a kind of battery, and the nerves being conductors of released stored-up
energy to different parts of the body, by a kind of action similar to
the actions of electricity and magnetism, it is suggested that, either
by means of the ether, or of some still finer form of matter, discharges
of brain energy may be conducted beyond the limits of the body. If the
nerve-track corresponds to wires, this refined medium may correspond to
the ether-field supposed to be employed in wireless telegraphy. As
electrical movements are conducted without wires, or other visible
media, so may brain-discharges be conveyed beyond the mechanism of the
battery, without the intervention of nerves--except as they may
constitute a part of the battery. Generally speaking, such discharges
would originate in two ways, viz., by direct mental action, or by mental
or physical states--perhaps by a combination."

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