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Adding A Medium
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Developing A Medium
Developing Concentration
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The Jacob's Ladder Of Communion
The Matter Of Time Conditions
The Mediumistic Temperament
The Personnel Of The Circle
The Sitters In The Circle
The Spirit Communication Code
What A Development Circle Is
Who Are Mediumistic?

The Call For Illumination

"The sincere supplication for illumination and guidance is never in
vain. The spirit breathes a serener air, and is calmed, strengthened,
and comforted by the subsequent reaction. It is harmonized thereby, and
thus becomes accordant to the psychic forces which, like the ocean's
tides, ebb and flow throughout the universe, and bathe every soul that
lies open to their vivifying and quickening influence. Still more, there
are those who dwell in the Light, whose thoughts and love go out to all
such as truly call upon God; and these, the ministering messenger
spirits, often pour their libations of sympathy into the sad hearts of
the sorrowful ones on earth, even though they remain unknown and their
interposition is unrecognized by those to whom they have given their
loving and helpful thoughts.

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