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The Cure For Fraudulent Mediumship

At the present time we have too few mediums, and this fact is
attributable largely to the gradual discontinuance of the home circles.
Present time folks are too fond of having everything worked out and
presented to them, and they flock to the sensational public
demonstrations, some of which are undoubtedly "faked" in order to meet
the public demand for sensational features; and at the same time the
honest, careful, conscientious mediums are often overlooked, and the
home circles almost unknown. Many so-called investigators of
spiritualism are feverishly anxious to "see something," and are
impatient and the comparatively slow order of developments at the home
circle or at the careful mediumistic circles. Many earnest spiritualists
lament the present tendency, and predict that in time there will be an
almost complete dearth of honest, careful mediums, owing to the demand
for "quick action" and the temptation to furnish fraudulent counterfeits
of the genuine phenomena resulting from this feverish public demand.

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