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A Senseless World
Discovery Of New Worlds
Great Changes Impending
Interpenetrating Planes And Worlds
Knowledge Versus Faith
Manifold Planes Of Existence
Planes And Vibrations
Prejudice Against The Unusual
Super-sensible Vibrations
Supernormal Not Abnormal
Supernormal Not Supernatural
The Elemental Sense
The Evolution Of The Senses
The Higher Planes Of Nature
The Higher Senses Of Men
The Higher Vibrations
The Naturalness Of The Occult Powers
The Prevailing Ignorance
The Raw Material Of Thought
The World Of Sensation
The World Of Vibrations
Transcendental Senses
Unfoldment Of New Senses
Unseen Worlds
We Sense Only Vibratory Motion

The Elemental Sense

Science informs us that all of the five senses of man, viz., the
respective senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell are but
modifications of one elementary sense namely the sense of touch; and
that the other senses have been gradually evolved from that one
elementary sense. This is seen to be the case when it is realized that
the only way that we "sense" the presence of an outside object--be that
object either a material substance, a vibration of the air, or an
etheric vibration of light--is by that outside object coming in contact,
directly or indirectly, with one or more of our sensory nerves, the
latter conveying the report of the contact to the brain, which
translates the sensation into what is called a "perception." This is
true of the sensations of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell, and
of senses higher than these and which as yet are not recognized by
science. Consequently, the consciousness of the presence of an outside
thing arises from contact with that outside thing through the channel of
the sense of touch, or of some of its more complex evolved phases.

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