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The Explanation Of Sorcery

Another writer says: "In various stages of history we find the records
of persons having been affected by the influences of witches, sorcerers,
and other evil-minded, unprincipled persons. In most cases these
so-called witches and sorcerers themselves were under the delusion that
they were being assisted by the devil or some other supernatural being.
They did not realize that they were simply using natural forces.
Studying the history of witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, and the like,
you will find that the devotees thereof usually employed some
psychometric method. In other cases they would mould little figures of
clay, or of wax, in the general shape and appearance of the person whom
they wished to affect. It was thought that these little figures were
endowed with some supernatural powers or attributes, but of course this
was mere superstition. The whole power of the little figures arose from
the fact that they aided the imagination of the spell-worker in forming
a mental image of the person sought to be influenced; and thus
established a strong mental rapport condition. Added to this, you must
remember that the fear and belief of the public greatly aided the
spell-worker, and increased his power and influence over these poor

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